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Send a Text Message (SMS)

Quickly compose and send text messages on your phone.

  1. Tap home key > all apps icon > messages app icon Messages.
  2. Tap add icon.
  3. Enter a contact name or mobile number in the "To" field. Or select a contact from the list.
  4. Tap the "Type an SMS message" box and then start composing your message.

    screenshot of messages compose


  • There is a limit on the number of characters for a single text message. Once you go over the character limit, a new message is created but automatically joined into one when received. As you near the limit, a character count will appear above send message icon.
  • Your text message automatically becomes a multimedia message if you select two or more recipients, attach an item, or compose a very long message.
  1. Tap send message icon to send, or tap back key to save the message as a draft.