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Record Video in 3D Audio or High Resolution Audio

Choose to record videos, including selfie videos, with high resolution audio or 3D Audio.


  • High resolution audio is only available when the video quality is set to HD (720p) or higher.
  • You can't pause video recording when using high resolution audio.
  1. Tap home key > camera app icon Camera.
  2. Switch to Video mode, if you're not in this mode. See Choose a Capture Mode.
  • By default, video is recorded using 3D Audio. You'll see 3d audio icon on the Viewfinder.
  1. To record using hi-res audio, tap open menu icon to open the slideout menu, and then tap High-res audio.
  2. When you’re ready to start recording, tap record video icon.
  • When recording using 3D Audio, make sure not to cover the microphones when holding the phone.

    illustration of holding the camera
  1. Change focus to a different subject or area by just tapping it on the Viewfinder screen. You can also change the exposure after tapping by dragging up and down on the screen.
  2. Tap pause video icon to pause the recording, and then tap resume video icon to resume.
  3. Tap stop video icon to stop recording.
  • Videos recorded with high resolution audio are saved in MKV (Matroska video) file format.

Tip: Videos recorded in 3D Audio are marked with 3d audio icon in Google Photos. Use earphones when playing back the video to enjoy immersive sound.

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