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Phone Settings Menu

You can customize your phone's settings and options through the Settings menu.

  1. Open Settings from the Apps screen or notification panel.
  • Swipe down from the status bar, and then tap settings icon.
  • Tap home key > all apps icon > settings app icon Settings.
  1. Here are some of the basic settings you can change:
  • Tap the On/Off switch next to an item such as Wi-Fi to turn it on or off. Tap the item itself to configure its settings.
  • Tap Sound & notification to set a ringtone, choose a sound profile, and configure incoming call sound settings.
  • Tap Personalize to change the wallpaper, theme, ringtone, and more.
  • Tap Accounts & sync to add and sign in to your different accounts, such as email, social networks, and more.
  • Tap Security to help secure your phone, for example with a screen lock.
  1. Tap an item under Suggestions to check out new or recommended settings to customize.
  2. You can also swipe right on the Settings screen to see the list of main settings and quickly jump from one setting to another. Or, tap search icon to easily find options and settings.

For more information, see Basic Settings.