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More Wireless & Network Settings

Additional options that let you view your data usage and set up VPN.

  1. Tap home key > all apps icon > settings app icon Settings.
  2. Under Wireless & networks, tap More and select an option.
  • Data usage: Check how much data usage have you been using or check the data usage of certain apps. See Manage Your Data Usage.
  • NFC: Share information wirelessly with other NFC-enabled device or pay securely using your phone. See Share Content with NFC.
  • Mobile network sharing: Use these settings to turn Mobile Hotspot on or off, or enable Bluetooth tethering. See Bluetooth Tethering.
  • VPN: Configure your Virtual Private Network (VPN) settings so you can connect to your company’s intranet sites. See Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
  • USB connection: Select the USB connection type when you connect the phone to your computer.