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Manually Adjust Camera Settings

If you want to have expert command of your camera settings for different environments or lighting conditions, manually adjust the values for settings like white balance, exposure, ISO, and more. You can save the adjustments for reuse.

  1. Tap home key > camera app icon Camera.
  2. Switch to Pro mode. See Choose a Capture Mode.
  3. Tap a setting, and then drag its slider to make adjustments.

    screenshot of manual camera controls
  4. Tap a setting again to hide the slider.
  5. To save the adjustment as a custom setting, tap add icon, select Custom 1, 2, or 3, and then tap Save.
  • To use one of your custom settings, tap auto scene icon or custom setting icon, and then select the custom setting (custom setting 1 icon, custom setting 2 icon, or custom setting 3 icon)
  1. To change a setting back to auto, tap scene auto icon.
  2. When you're ready to take a photo, tap shutter release icon.