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HTC Sense Home and Applications (Apps) List

After you've turned on or set up your phone for the first time, you'll see the home screen. Most of your phone’s operations originate from the home screen or the apps list.

  1. From any screen, tap home key to display the home screen.

    screenshot of home screen
  • Swipe right and you'll find HTC BlinkFeed. You can customize HTC BlinkFeed to show posts from your social networks, headlines from your favorite news media, and more. For details, see HTC BlinkFeed - Your Dynamic Home Screen.
  • Swipe left and you’ll discover widget panels for adding your favorite widgets, apps, and more so they’re just a tap away. You can also add panels. For details, see Customize the Home Screen.
  • You can change the apps on the launch bar at the bottom of the home screen. See Work with Widgets and Shortcuts.
  1. Tap all apps icon to see all apps installed on your phone.

Tip: While you’re in another screen or app, tap home key to return to the last Home screen you visited.