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Find and Install an App

When you install apps from Google Play app and use them on your phone, they may require access to your personal information (such as your location, contact data, and more) or access to certain functions or settings on your phone. Download and install only apps that you trust.

  1. Tap home key > all apps icon > play store app icon Play Store.
  2. Browse or search for an app.
  3. When you find the app you like, tap it and read its description and user reviews.
  4. To install a free app, tap Install. To install a paid app, tap the price button, and then tap Buy. If you have not added a payment method to your Google account, tap arrow down icon to select the payment method, and then tap Continue.
  • The selected app is downloaded and installed on your phone.

Warning: Read the notification carefully! Be especially cautious with applications that have access to many functions or a significant amount of your data. Once you installed an app, you are responsible for the results of using this item on your phone.

  1. To open the app, tap Open after installing or go to the Apps screen and tap the app.

Tip: Apps sometimes get updated with improvements or bug fixes. To automatically download updates, after installing, tap play store menu icon > Auto-update.

Purchasing Applications

Purchase apps at your own risk. Sprint is not responsible for any harm to you or third parties resulting from the use of purchased applications.