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Features You'll Enjoy

You'll enjoy use of your HTC U11 with these features.

Edge Sense

HTC U11 comes with a pressure-sensitive squeeze area on its frame. By squeezing the sides of HTC U11, quickly access your favorite app or shortcut even while your phone is in sleep mode.

illustration of squeeze

For details, see Set Up Edge Sense.

What’s Special with Camera

Capture great photos and videos using HTC U11.

UltraSpeed Autofocus

HTC U11 lets you enjoy faster focus speeds using a full sensor autofocus similar to DSLRs. Using the Camera app, you can easily take photos in low light situations, capture images of moving subjects, and record clear videos.

HDR Boost

Take clearer, sharper photos using HDR Boost. By combining multiple shots with different exposure levels, HDR Boost lets you capture great photos even in low light conditions. For details, see Use HDR Boost.

Capture Video in 3D Audio or High Res Audio

HTC U11 has four highly-sensitive omnidirectional microphones that capture positional sound in your video recordings. This means that you can record sound in 360 degrees for immersive audio that’s just like being there. Or, you can record video with 24-bit high resolution audio. For details, see Record Video in 3D Audio or High Resolution Audio.

Acoustic Focus

When recording videos, especially from a distance, you can reduce surrounding noise and enhance the clarity of your subject's audio using Acoustic Focus.

illustration of acoustic focus

For details, see Record Video Using Acoustic Focus.

Pro Level Capabilities

Pro mode gives you professional level control over your photography. Capture RAW photos and take full control over your camera settings. The camera captures RAW photos in DNG format. The RAW file provides more image information for post processing in the Google Photos app or a graphics program on your computer. For details, see Take a RAW Photo.


Hyperlapse lets you speed up the action up to 12 times, and select sections of the video to change its speed. For details, see Hyperlapse.


Capture awesome selfies with the front facing camera. For details, see Selfies.

  • Live Makeup – Before taking your selfie, use Live Makeup to smoothen your skin.
  • Instant selfie shots – Flash a smile, and the camera instantly captures your smiling face. Or, just say "Cheese!"
  • Enjoy taking wide-angle selfies with family or friends and with a panoramic scenery behind you. For details, see Selfie Panorama.

Immersive sound

Discover audio bliss on HTC U11 through its earphones and speakers.

HTC USonic with Active Noise Cancellation

Experience music tuned to your ears. When you plug in the HTC USonic earphones to HTC U11, they will scan your ears and determine the audio output level that best suits you. The earphones also incorporate Active Noise Cancellation which reduces background noise so you hear music and videos clearly. For details, see HTC USonic with Active Noise Cancellation.

HTC BoomSound for Speakers

Hear what you've been missing. HTC BoomSound™ gives you a rich, authentic sound experience, whether you’re listening to music, watching a video, or playing a game. For details, see HTC BoomSound for Speakers.

Record Audio in High Res Quality

Enable high res quality audio in Voice Recorder to make crystal clear audio recordings. For details, see Voice Recorder.

HTC Sense Companion

HTC Sense Companion is a personal companion that’s always learning from you, and the things you do every day. It’s made to evolve and get to know you better over time so it can give you better and more relevant suggestions and information.

illustration of using htc sense companion

For details, see HTC Sense Companion.

Fingerprint sensor

You can use the fingerprint scanner on HTC U11 to quickly wake up and unlock your phone with your fingerprint. For details, see Fingerprint Scanner.

Truly personal

Designed with you in mind, HTC U11 is filled with innovations that help it to adapt to your life.


Make HTC U11 more personal by customizing how it looks with your own photos and then mix and match with different sets of icons, sounds, color schemes, and more. More wallpaper types, such as Multiple wallpapers and Apps screen wallpapers, are also in store. For details, see HTC Themes.

Freestyle Home Screen

If you want to take designing your Home screen to the next level, try the Freestyle home screen layout for zero-grid limitations and fun stickers to replace your app icons.

HTC BlinkFeed

Get your favorite topics, news, social media, and more conveniently delivered to one place on your phone. Even get suggestions for places to eat! You can also play embedded videos right on HTC BlinkFeed™. For details, see HTC BlinkFeed - Your Dynamic Home Screen.


Use the Boost+ app to help you optimize your phone's performance by allocating resources, removing junk files, stopping irregular app activities, and uninstalling the apps you don't use. You can also set this app to help extend battery life while you're playing your favorite game on HTC U11. For details, see Boost+.