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Enter Text by Typing

The keyboard becomes available when you tap a text field in an app. Enter letters and numbers, change the keyboard layout or language, and more.

screenshot of touchpal keyboard

  • Tap the keys on the onscreen keyboard to enter letters and numbers, as well as punctuation marks and symbols.
  • Tap shift key to enter an uppercase letter. Tap shift key twice to turn on caps lock.
  • Touch and hold keys with gray characters at the top to enter numbers, symbols, or accented letters. Some keys have multiple characters or accents associated with them.
  • To delete your text entry one letter at a time, tap delete key. To quickly delete words, touch and hold delete key.
  • Tap numbers and symbols key to show number and symbol keys. Tap letters key to return to the main keyboard.

    screenshot of portrait keyboard (numbers and symbols)
  • Tap emoji key to choose from a wide selection of emojis.
  • Tap touchpal key to check out more features, options, and settings. You can resize the keyboard space, change the layout and design, download dictionaries, and more.
  • Tap back key to close the onscreen keyboard.