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Edit Text

You can select and copy text, and then paste or share it.

Select, Copy, and Paste Text

  1. Touch and hold on a word.
  2. Drag the start and end anchors to highlight the surrounding text you want to select.

    screenshot of selecting text screenshot of selecting text in chrome
  3. After you have selected the text you want to copy, tap Copy or copy text icon. The selected text is then copied to the clipboard.
  4. In a text entry field (for example while composing an email), touch and hold at the point where you want to paste the text.
  5. Tap Paste or paste text icon.

Tip: To copy the address of a link on a webpage, touch and hold the link, and then tap Copy link address.

Share Text

  1. After you have selected the text you want to share, tap Share or share icon.
  2. Choose where to paste and share the selected text, such as in an email message or social network status update.