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Care and Maintenance Tips

Follow these tips and precautions to help maintain water and dust resistance for your phone.

  • Never attempt to insert or remove the nano SIM and microSD cards with gloves, wet hands, or when the phone is wet. 
  • Do not intentionally submerge HTC U11. If the phone accidentally gets immersed in water, avoid pressing the controls—such as the Power/Lock and Volume buttons—and do not operate the phone.
  • Do not expose the phone to fast or strong-moving water such as shower spray, running taps or faucets, waterfalls, or ocean waves.
  • Do not expose the phone to or let the USB port come in contact with the following:
  • Water containing soap, detergent, or shower gel
  • Sea water, swimming pools, spas, hot water, and hot springs
  • Any liquid besides tap water such as alcohol, juices, and condiments
  • Sand

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  • If the phone is exposed to fresh water, make sure to dry it thoroughly. To avoid damaging the phone, do not charge when contaminants are present or the USB port is not completely dry. In these circumstances, do not connect any external device.
  • Never use a hair dryer to dry wet parts of the phone.
  • The power adapter and accessories are not water resistant. Never use them in wet areas such as in the bathroom or kitchen since contact with water may cause malfunction, electric shock, or other hazards.
  • Avoid leaving the phone in humid places such as the bathroom or kitchen for too long since it is not moisture-proof.