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Bluetooth Tethering

Use Tethering to share your device’s Internet connection with a computer that connects to your device via Bluetooth.


  • To make sure that the USB drivers for your phone are up-to-date, install the latest version of HTC Sync Manager on your computer.
  • You may need to have tethering added to your data plan. Contact Sprint for details.
  • Make sure that mobile data is turned on.
  1. Swipe down from the status bar, and then tap settings icon.
  2. Under Wireless & networks, tap More.
  3. Tap Mobile network sharing > Bluetooth tethering.
  4. Tap Next.
  • Tethering is turned on, and your phone’s Internet connection can be shared with a connected device.
  • For Bluetooth tethering, pair your phone with the other device via Bluetooth. See Pair Bluetooth Devices for details.
  1. Launch the Web browser on the other device to confirm you have an Internet connection.