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Accessibility Settings

Use these settings when you’ve downloaded and installed an accessibility tool, such as a screen reader that provides voice feedback. You can turn accessibility functions or services on or off.

  1. Tap home key > all apps icon > settings app icon Settings.
  2. Tap Accessibility and choose the settings you want. Options include:
  • TalkBack: Turn this option on if you want your phone to provide spoken feedback. TalkBack helps blind and low-vision users.
  • Select to Speak: Turn this option on to hear spoken feedback when you tap an item or drag your finger acorss multiple items on the screen.
  • Switch Access: Turn this option on if you want to control your phone using configurable key combinations.
  • Font size: Tap this option to select a font size for better readability.
  • Display size: Tap this option to select the size of screen elements.
  • Captions: Turn this option on and then tap it to customize captions for your phone.
  • Magnification gesture: Tap this option to enable magnification gestures such as zooming in or out by triple-tapping the screen.
  • Color inversion Select this option to improve screen visibility.
  • Color correction: Turn on color correction to improve screen visibility.
  • Unread notification reminder: Enable this option to remind you of unread notifications.
  • Click after pointer stops: Enable this option to set always select the item under the pointer as soon as it stops. To set the delay before click time, tap this option.
  • High contrast text: Select this option to enable high-contrast text for better readability.
  • Power button ends call: When selected, you can press the Power/Lock button to end a call.
  • Auto rotate screen: Select this option to automatically change the screen orientation when the phone is rotated.
  • Speak passwords: When selected, your phone will speak the passwords you enter on your phone.
  • Large mouse pointer: When selected, your phone will display a large mouse pointer on areas you tap.
  • Mono audio: When selected, your phone will combine channels when playing audio.
  • Accessibility shortcut: Tap this option to quickly turn on accessibility features on your phone.
  • Text-to-speech output: Tap to select the text-to-speech engine, set the speech speed, or listen to a speech synthesis demo.
  • Touch & hold delay: Set the delay when touching and holding items on the screen.
  • Sound balance: Tap to control the left or right channel volume.
  • Mono audio: Select this option to improve sound when listening with only one headphone.