Use Bluetooth FTP Server

Bluetooth FTP Server allows other devices with Bluetooth FTP profiles to view, access, copy, and delete files from your phone storage.

  1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then touch Settings.
  2. If Bluetooth is off, touch the Bluetooth On/Off switch to turn it on.
  3. Touch Bluetooth. The Bluetooth screen opens.
  4. Touch Vertical menu > Advanced, and then select the FTP Server option.
  5. Pair your phone with the other Bluetooth phone that you will allow access to your phone’s storage. For more information about Bluetooth pairing, see Connect a Bluetooth Headset or Car Kit.
  6. When the other phone attempts to access your phone’s storage, a Bluetooth Authorization Request appears on the screen. Touch Accept.

The contents of your phone’s storage appear on the other device’s screen.