Status Bar

The status bar at the top of the Home screen provides phone and service status information on the right side and notification alerts on the left. To view notification alerts, touch and hold the status bar and drag it down.

Status Icons
Status bar

Icon Description

Signal strength

Signal strength (More bars = stronger signal)

No service

No service

Wi-Fi connected

Connected to a Wi-Fi network

4G available

Sprint 4G LTE Network is available

4G active

Sprint 4G LTE Network available and active (with icon animation)

3G available

Sprint 3G Network is available

3G active

Sprint 3G Network available and active (with icon animation)

3G unavailable

Sprint 3G Network is currently unavailable

Location on

Phone’s location feature is on and available for location-based services such as GPS navigation

Location off

Phone’s location feature off and your location is available only for 911

Mic muted

Phone microphone muted

Speaker muted

Phone speaker muted

Vibrate mode

Vibrate mode

Battery level

Shows current battery charge level (icon shown is fully charged)

Bluetooth on

Bluetooth on

Bluetooth connected

Connected to Bluetooth device

Airplane mode

Airplane mode

Alarm set

Alarm set

Speakerphone on

Speakerphone on

Headset with mic

Wired microphone headset connected


Wired headset connected

Notification Icons
Notifications icon

Icon Description

New text or MMS

New text or multimedia message

New voicemail

New voicemail

New Gmail

New Gmail message

New Email

New Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or POP3/IMAP email message

New Google talk message

New instant message from Google Talk

Calendar event

Upcoming event

Music playing

Music is playing

Radio on

FM Radio is on

TV app on

TV app is on

Power saver mode

Power saver mode is on

General notification

General notification (for example, sync error)

Wi-Fi on

Wi-Fi is on and wireless networks are available

Data synchronizing

Data synchronizing – connected to HTC Sync

Hidden notifications

More (undisplayed) notifications

Missed call

Missed call

Call in progress

Call in progress

Uploading data

Uploading data (animated)

Downloading data

Downloading data (animated)

Waiting to upload

Waiting to upload

USB connection

Phone connected to computer via USB cable

Google Play

Downloaded Google Play app installed successfully