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Your Contacts List

The People app lists all contacts stored on your phone and from the online accounts you’re logged in to.

Contacts Screen Layout

  • Tap home key > apps list icon > people app icon People.
  • The following illustration shows your Contacts app layout and describes the various features.

    screenshot of contacts list



Groups tab

Show contact groups.

Favorites tab

Show all contacts.

People tab

Show favorite contacts.

Contact name

Tap to show contact’s details. This also shows when a contact has sent you new messages.

Contact image

Tap to find ways to quickly connect with the contact.

Contact link suggestion

Tap to manage contacts from your social network and Web-based email accounts.

My profile

View your profile and edit your contact information.

Menu more options icon

Tap to manage your contacts list.

Search search icon

Search contacts.

Add new add icon

Add a new contact.


  • You can also access People through the Phone app. Tap home key > phone icon and then swipe left until you reach the People tab.
  • To sort your contacts by their first or last name, tap more options icon > Settings > Sort contacts by.

Filter Your Contacts List

When your contacts list gets long, you can choose which contact accounts to show.

  1. Tap home key > apps list icon > people app icon People.
  2. On the People tab, tap expand options icon on the top bar.
  3. Select the online accounts that contain the contacts you want to display.
  4. Tap back key icon.

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