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Send a Group Message

Group messaging makes it easy to send a message to multiple contacts all at once. You can choose to send a group SMS or group MMS.


  • You will be charged for each text message sent. For example, if you send a message to a group of five people, you will be charged for five messages.
  • Group MMS may incur extra data fees.
  1. Tap home key > apps list icon > messages app icon Messages.
  2. Tap add icon.
  3. Tap message recipients icon, select multiple recipients, and then tap Done. You can also swipe to the Group tab and select a contact group.
  4. To send a group SMS, tap more options icon and select the Send as individual option. Clear this option to send your message as a group MMS.
  • Group SMS. Your message will be sent to the recipients as a text message and each message sent will be charged to your allocated text message plan. Replies of your recipients are sorted separately.
  • Group MMS. Similar to a group chat, sending a group MMS lets your recipients join the conversation you’ve started. Your phone also organizes message replies in a single conversation thread. If this is your first time to send a group MMS, you may need to enter your mobile phone number.
  1. Tap the "Add text" box, and then start composing your message.
  2. Tap messages send icon to send, or tap back key icon to save the message as a draft.

Group MMS FAQs

Question: Why can’t my recipients see or join the group MMS I sent them?

Answer: Check whether your recipients have enabled Group messaging on their mobile devices. Some devices or mobile operators may not support this feature.

Question: How do I receive or block group MMS?

Answer: In Message settings, tap Multimedia messages (MMS), and then turn Group Messaging on or off.