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Parts and Functions

These topics illustrate your phone’s primary parts and key functions.

Note: Your phone’s screens and apps layouts are subject to change. This user guide uses sample images only.

Phone Layout

The following illustration outlines your phone’s primary external features and keys.

illustration of device with callouts

Front Panel




Lets you hear the caller and automated prompts.

Proximity sensor

Detects how close an object is to the surface of the screen. This is typically used to detect when your face is pressed up against the screen, such as during a phone call.

While talking on the phone, the sensor detects talk activity and turns off the screen to prevent accidental key taps.

HTC UltraSelfie™camera with OIS

Takes selfie pictures and videos with greater clarity with the built-in optical image stabilizer.

microSD card tray and eject hole

Allows installation of a microSD card for additional storage. The microSD card is sold separately. See SD Card.

Volume buttons

Allow you to adjust the ringtone or media volume or adjust the voice volume during a call.

Power/Lock button

Press quickly to turn off and lock the phone screen. Press and hold to turn the phone on or off or switch to airplane mode.

Recent apps

Tap to display your most recently used apps.

Home/Fingerprint scanner

Tap to display the main home screen.

This is also the fingerprint scanner that allows you to quickly wake up and unlock your phone with your fingerprint. You can register up to 5 fingerprints. See Fingerprint Scanner.


Tap to return to the previous screen.


Displays all the information needed to operate your phone, such as the call status, the Contacts list, and the date and time. Also provides one-tap access to all of your features and applications.

Nano SIM card tray and eject hole

Holds the preinstalled Sprint 4G LTE™ nano SIM card. See SIM Card.


Displays a phone notification, charging status, or alert.

Back Panel



3.5 mm headset jack

Allows you to plug in either a stereo headset or an optional headset for convenient, hands-free conversations.

Dual flash

Helps illuminate subjects in low-light environments when the camera is focusing and capturing a picture or video.

Laser autofocus sensor

Quickly sets the focus to the selected area that you want to capture or record with the camera.

USB Type-C charger/ Accessory jack

Allows you to connect the phone with the AC power adapter using the USB cable (items included in the phone package).

HTC BoomSound® hi-fi edition speakers

Lets you hear the different ringtones and sounds. This speaker also lets you hear the caller’s voice and automated prompts.

HTC UltraPixel® camera with OIS

Captures quality photos and videos with the built-in optical image stabilizer.

CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect jack may damage the phone.