Hangouts is Google's instant messaging service. Use to communicate with other Hangout users, and also use video calling. Log in to your Google Account beforehand (see Google Account).

Using Hangouts

  1. Tap home key > apps list icon > hangouts app icon Hangouts.
  • The Hangouts app will open.
  1. Type a name, email, number, or circle, or select a contact from the list.
  2. Type a message or tap hangouts video chat icon to start a video chat.
  • A chat window or a video chat window opens.
  • Each time text is entered, the corresponding friend appears.
  • If a friend is not in a Hangout, you will see a message. Tap Invite to invite them to join the Hangout.

Hangouts Operations

  • Ending a Chat: In the Hangouts window, flick the chat from left to right.
  • Ending a Video Chat: In the video chat window, tap hangouts end video chat icon.
  • Disabling Chat History: If you don’t want to keep chat history, in the chat window, tap more options icon > Turn history off.
  • Delete Chat History: To delete all your chat history, in the chat window, tap more options icon > Delete > Delete.

Note: You can use Hangouts as your phone’s default messaging app, or as a standalone IM app. If you set Hangouts as the default messaging app, the Messages app will be disabled. For more information, see More Wireless & Network Settings.