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Chrome Browser

Your phone comes with the Chrome mobile Web browser. If you are signed in with a Google Account, the Chrome browser will import all your bookmarks and other Web preferences for use on your phone.

Go to a Website

  1. Tap home key > chrome app iconChrome.
  2. Tap the address bar at the top and enter search words (for a Google search) or a Web address (URL). If the address bar does not show, scroll down the screen.
  3. On the webpage, you can:
  • Tap a link to open it, or touch and hold a link to see more options.
  • Tap an email address to send a message to the email address, save it to People, and more.
  • Touch and hold an image to save, copy, or set it as your wallpaper.
  • While browsing a webpage, tap more options icon and select the Request desktop site to display the full desktop version of the webpage.
  1. To return to the previous webpage you’ve viewed, tap more options icon > chrome back icon. To go forward, tap more options icon > chrome forward icon.

Find Text In a Web Page

  1. Tap home key > chrome app iconChrome.
  2. Navigate to a webpage and tap more options icon > Find in page.
  3. Enter the search item. As you enter characters, matching characters will be highlighted.
  4. Tap the up or down arrow to go to the previous or next matching item.

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