Choose a Capture Mode

Switch to a capture mode to use for taking photos or videos. The camera on HTC 10 separates capture modes into categories so that you can quickly find which mode you want.

  1. On the Viewfinder screen, tap open slideout menu icon to open the slideout menu.
  • You can also swipe right from the left edge in landscape orientation or swipe down from the top edge in portrait orientation.
  1. Scroll through the menu to see the available capture modes.

    screenshot of camera controls
  2. Tap the capture mode you want to use.
  3. To quickly switch between the front and main camera, tap switch icon on the Viewfinder screen.
  4. You can quickly switch back to either Photo or Video mode when you're in other capture modes without opening the slideout menu. Right below the main shutter button, just tap photo mode icon to switch back to Photo mode or video mode icon to switch back to Video mode.