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Check Received Gmail Messages

Your phone allows you to access, read, and reply to all your Gmail messages. All your received emails are delivered to your Inbox.

  1. Tap home key > apps list icon > gmail app icon Gmail.
  • The inbox opens.

    screenshot of gmail inbox
  1. Do any of the following from your Inbox.
  • Tap an email message (not the sender image or letter tile) to read, forward, or reply to the message.
  • Tap menu icon to change the inbox category (for example, Social), switch to your other Gmail account, or to display drafts, sent messages, or other email labels and categories.
  • Tap the sender image or letter tile to select one or more messages or conversations. You can then tap the onscreen buttons at the top bar to archive, delete, or mark the selected messages or conversations.

    screenshot of select gmail messages