Capture Mode Settings

You can change the settings for some of the capture modes such as Photo or Video mode. To change settings, select a mode and then tap to view and choose the available settings for the mode.

screenshot of camera capture mode settings





Selfie Photo


timer off icon

Toggle between the time settings to set the self-timer or turn off the self-timer. See Selfies and People Shots.

16 9 resolution icon

Set the photo quality and aspect ratio. See Set the Photo Quality and Size.


raw indicator icon

Choose RAW or JPG format for photos. See Pro Mode.



Selfie Video

hd video icon

Set the video quality. See Set the Video Resolution.

high resolution audio off icon

Turn high resolution audio recording on and off. See Turn on High Resolution Audio.

Selfie Photo

live makeup icon

Turn Live Makeup on and off. See Selfies and People Shots.