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Capture Better Photos

To get better captures with the Camera app, here are some tips on what to do while taking your shots.

Avoid Blurred Photos

If you find that your shots are coming out a little blurry, try these tips.

  • Hold the phone so that your fingers aren't near the camera lens, dual flash, or laser focus sensor.

    illustration of holding camera
  • Make sure that the camera lens, dual flash, and laser focus sensor are clean and without fingerprints. Use a soft, clean, microfiber cloth to wipe them.
  • When taking a photo, adjust the focus on your subject by tapping it.
  • Make sure you're not moving the camera when taking a photo, especially in low light conditions or when taking photos in Pro mode with RAW format selected.

Improve Focus

  • The laser auto focus intelligently finds the best shot based on its position and pointed direction. Tapping the screen to focus uses the image contrast to dynamically readjust, which is sometimes desirable if you wish to take a macro to get an off-center bokeh effect or take photos while you're moving.
  • To change the focus, on the Viewfinder, tap the subject you want to focus on.
  • If the subject is moving, on the Viewfinder, touch and hold the subject to lock the focus.

Take Well-lit Photos

  • To focus on a specific subject, just tap on it. To manually adjust the exposure, tap the screen and then drag your finger up or down.
  • If there are parts of the image that are in shadows and others are in highlights, use HDR to capture multiple shots of different exposures and combine them into one shot. Keep HTC 10 steady or place it on a level surface when using HDR.
  • When taking a panoramic photo, consider the whole scene and focus on an object that has a neutral tone to help keep the exposure balanced in the composite image.

Other Tips

  • In Camera settings, tap Grid to help frame the subject better or improve the composition.
  • After capturing the photo, you can enhance the photo in the Google Photos app.