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Basic Settings

Access your phone's settings menu easily from the home screen.

  • Tap apps list icon > settings app icon Settings.
  • You'll see the following top-level settings categories.



Airplane mode

Turn Airplane mode on or off.


Enable and set Wi-Fi options.


Enable Bluetooth connections.

Mobile data

Settings for your mobile network and data connection.

HTC Connect

Options where to play media.


Settings for data usage, NFC, Mobile network sharing, HTC Mini+, and VPN, and USB connection.


Options for customizing your phone’s wallpaper, navigation bar, themes, sound, and more.

Fingerprint scanner

Options to add and manage your fingerprints and the fingerprint sensor.

Accounts & sync

Set up your email and social network accounts.


Select your phone’s location access options.


Set up a screen lock and other security features.


Set accessibility options such as screen magnification, TalkBack, and more.

Backup and reset

Options for selecting the backup account, restoring a backup, and resetting the phone.

Get content from another phone

Options for transferring content from an old phone to your new HTC phone.


Options for all Google apps and features on your phone.

Display, gestures & buttons

Change the display, motion gestures, and G-Sensor settings.

HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio

Turn HTC BoomSound on or off, select a sound mode, or create a personal audio profile.

Sound & notification

Set your sound profile, volumes, incoming call options, and system sounds.


Options for received calls, voicemail settings, and others including hearing aids and CDMA call settings (TTY mode, DDTM mode, plus code dialing, etc).


View all downloaded or running apps, uninstall apps, search for an app and more.


View your phone and SD card storage, set the SD card mode, and more.


Check your battery level, and battery usage, turn on power saver and extreme power saving mode, and more.


View your phone memory use and check which apps use the most memory.

Language & keyboard

Change the language and the onscreen keyboard settings.

Date & time

Change the date and time and date/time format.


Choose print services using Google Cloud Print.

System updates

Options for updating your profile, PRL, UICC, and phone software.


View your phone’s hardware and software information.