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Apps List

The Apps screen includes any apps you download and install on your phone. The following table outlines the primary apps that have been preinstalled on your phone.



1weather app icon 1Weather

Check out the latest in weather news and forecast.

amazon shopping app icon Amazon

Shop the Internet using the Amazon app.

amazon kindle app icon Amazon Kindle

Shop and read books right on your phone.

amazon music app icon Amazon Music

Shop and listen to music using this app.

amazon photos app icon Amazon Photos

Sign in to your Amazon Cloud Drive account and start storing photos and videos to the cloud.

android pay app icon Android Pay

Pay for goods and services using your phone. If you don't see Android Pay™, you can download it from the Google Play Store app. See Android Pay.

app spotlight icon App Spotlight

Gain access to hundreds of top paid apps using a single subscription.

calculator app icon Calculator

Perform basic and advanced mathematical operations. See Calculator.

google calendar app icon Calendar

View, create and send events. See Google Calendar.

camera app icon Camera

Take photos and capture videos. See Camera and Video.

chrome app icon Chrome

Browse the Internet. See Chrome Browser.

clock app icon Clock

Check the time, set an alarm, or use the World Clock, Stopwatch and Timer. See Clock.

docs app icon Docs

Create, edit, and share documents.

downloads app icon Downloads

View all your downloaded files here.

google drive app icon Drive

Manage your Google Drive online storage. See Google Drive.

emergency alerts app icon Emergency Alerts

View emergency alerts.

facebook app icon Facebook

Check what’s new with your social network. See Facebook.

flashlight app icon Flashlight

Use your phone's dual flash as a handy flashlight.

gmail app icon Gmail

Create, send, and receive emails. See Gmail.

google app icon Google

Open Google Search or Google Now. See Perform Searches on the Web and Your Phone and Get Instant Information with Google Now.

hangouts app icon Hangouts

Send SMS, MMS, or start a video chat. See Hangouts.

htc guide app icon Help

Find useful content on how to use your phone, view troubleshooting information, and more. See HTC Help.

htc mobile guide app icon HTC Mobile Guide

View your phone’s online user guide.

instagram app icon Instagram

Edit and share your favorite photos with this photo-sharing app.

keep app icon Keep

Jot down your ideas, to-do lists, and notes with this helpful app.

keyvpn app icon KeyVPN

Connect to your company’s intranet via VPN.

lookout app icon Lookout

Help protect your phone from viruses and other threats.

maps app icon Maps

View maps and get detailed turn-by-turn navigation to your destination. See Google Maps.

mediashare app icon Media Share

Share your phone content to capable media devices. See HTC Connect.

messages app icon Messages

Create and send text and multimedia messages. See Text and Multimedia Messaging.

messenger app icon Messenger

Chat with your Facebook buddies with this app.

news republic app icon News Republic

Find out the latest headlines in news, entertainment, sports, and more.

people app icon People

Add, manage, and get in touch with people that matter to you most. See Contacts.

phone icon Phone

Call friends, check out your call history, manage your contacts list, and more. See Phone Calls and Voicemail.

photos app icon Photos

View and edit photos and videos you’ve captured using the phone's camera or those you've stored online.

play movies and tv app icon Play Movies & TV

Search, buy, and watch movies and shows on your phone.

play music app icon Play Music

Search, buy, and listen to music on your phone.

play store app icon Play Store

Search, buy, and install apps to your phone. See Google Play Store.

settings app icon Settings

Change your phone settings. See Basic Settings.

sheets app icon Sheets

Create, edit, and share worksheets.

slides app icon Slides

Create, edit, and share presentation slides.

sprint family locator app icon Sprint Family Locator

Locate your family member’s whereabouts with this essential app.

sprint fun & games app icon Sprint Fun & Games

Search, download, and play game apps on your phone.

sprint music plus app icon Sprint Music Plus

Search, download, and listen to music tracks on your phone.

sprint tv & movies app icon Sprint TV & Movies

Search, download, and watch movies and shows on your phone.

sprint worldwide app icon Sprint Worldwide

Check how you could use your phone when travelling abroad.

sprint zone app icon Sprint Zone

Manage your Sprint account from your phone.

tech expert app icon Tech Expert

Get expert technical support for your phone using this app.

themes app icon Themes

Personalize your phone with themes. See Themes.

voice recorder app icon Voice Recorder

Record and share your voice or create a voice memo. See Voice Recorder.

voice search app icon Voice Search

Search the Web using your voice. See Search the Web with Your Voice.

voicemail app icon Voicemail

Check and read your voicemail messages. See Voicemail.

weather app icon Weather

Check the weather in your location and in other cities around the world. See Check the Weather.

youtube app icon YouTube

Watch or upload videos online. See YouTube.